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ARMS Reliability has recently employed new engineers for the Australian Operation and to better serve the needs of the Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian Markets.

Pictured above following their induction week at ARMS HQ are
Les Gibson (NSW), Tim Mortensen (QLD), Nieresh Jeyarajakumar (VIC), Alun Brindle (WA), Chris Young (VIC), Helen Holdsworth (WA) and Adam Rounsley (WA)

Q. Do companies get the most out of the training dollar that they ante up for their employees?

Answer…. No!

Whilst training per se, is perceived to be important, as evidenced by the volume of training that occurs throughout industry, I feel that companies are still not getting “the biggest bang for their buck” from the training that they provide their employees.
Training is provided regularly for employees to attend  for the benefit of the company and also of the employees and in completing the course the employee(s) will leave with some new knowledge and skills or perhaps with prior knowledge being challenged, changed, reinforced or enhanced.
What then happens though when these people get back into the workforce? Do they then apply this new learning or do they go back into their comfort zones continuing to do what they did before?

If there is no compulsion to utilize their training, then it is quite possible that those people who have received the training may not use it, as trying anything new or different often requires more initial effort and it is possible, even probable, that they may get it wrong to start with and become disillusioned by the experience. Practise takes time and we are typically, across industries, time poor.
Unless people are given the time and opportunity to practise, using and perfecting these new skills, then there is the chance that they won’t use it of their own volition.

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