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What I want to know from my failure data is “where” to focus limited resources to make the largest impact now.

It is that simple. And as a rule KISS (Keep it simple stupid) applies.

For me – “if” I am collecting failure data , I want to use it to prevent failures in the most useful way. ISO 55000 will be released next year and that standard for asset management includes requirements for robust FRACAS (Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System). Read More →


Kit up is a simple concept, and is one whereby you preassemble work packages and prepare them for execution off line to the repair, so that when the craftsman engages the work activity, they have every thing they will need in their kit.

Measurement of the kit up rate is an excellent metric, because in order to produce a kit up, the reliability of the planning, scheduling and warehouse methods must be high. It is thus a good thing!

To demonstrate why the reliability of the subordinate processes must be high, we need to examine the serial nature of the process of producing a kit. Read More →