By Jack Jager and Michael Drew

RealityCharting® software is powerful root cause analysis software used to assist facilitators and compliment the Apollo Root Cause AnalysisTM methodology. RealityCharting® is user-friendly and helps people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence. It is a tool to help you record and communicate your understanding of the problem. It is also effective in its ability to display your understanding of the problem to others.

Most people respond well to visual stimuli and your ability to present the information in this way is a great opportunity to get buy-in into your problem. It allows people to “see” the understanding of the problem.

To help users better understand cause and effect relationships, we have generated a Reality Chart based on an interesting article we came across on motor bearings:

This Reality Chart consists of the connection of cause and effect relationships from the Problem, being downtime to plant or machine, and working backwards through time as you use “caused by” to connect effects to causes.

The “caused by” connector is powerful and when used assists the chart reader to “get into” the challenging mindset of “what caused that?” This challenging mindset assists  the investigations to follow the logical reasons as to why the problem occurred, and of course flows to the next mindset of “what can we do to prevent that from occurring?” For this reason the Apollo Problem Solving method is one of the most powerful methods available, and it produces many solutions when people participate openly and challenge the status quo. There are traps however, such as stopping too soon, “groupthink” which stifles creative thought, or not having clear criteria of what constitutes an effective solution. It is common for some organisations to have a long list of “tasks” that do not necessarily prevent the problem from occurring, but satisfies the need to  be seen to be taking action! RealityCharting®  has inbuilt checks to help avoid these common traps.

The motor failure chart was created by a person who is not an engineer and has no background in maintenance. It was created simply from the information provided in the article. This should highlight the importance of good information and the power of an effective RCA method and Reality Charting.  The idea being that a common reality is created, so others can understand and “challenge” using their own perspective- engineering, operations, maintenance or vendor. The more input the better!

You can view the Reality Chart here.

Reality Chart sample

To start using RealityCharting® today, download your free 30 day trial by clicking the button below.

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