ARMS Reliability are currently engaged to provide the Asset Management guidance for a Maximo upgrade with a major water utility in Melbourne, Australia. There are many elements to the process that is worth considering if your own organisation is undergoing the same type of project.

The first step was to create the KPI’s and calculations that the maintenance department will be measured against. This is important to ensure that these goals align with the overall organisations objectives. It also dictates the minimum fields that need to be designed into the new CMMS system if they are not available with the out of box solution.

A large portion of the time on the project has been to create the business case to support the continuation or elimination of maintenance tasks that have been with the organisation for many years. It was in a sense a cleanse of all data prior to the migration into the new Maximo system. As part of the process the Failure, Cause, Remedy (F-C-R) sets where created for job plan creation and failure history recording. Also in line with achieving best in class planning effectiveness the project defined the resource requirements to complete a job.

An important output of the project was to identify all the assets and systems of the facilities and define an effective hierarchy to allow a logical drilldown ensuring easy navigation by Maximo users and efficient work management.

Important things to consider when undergoing a CMMS migration

  • What you are doing today and what might happen in the future – No glass ceilings
  • Need to look at data as being able to slice and dice many different ways – Ironing out the rubix cube
  • Functionality of Maximo and the  use of meters to provide condition history
  • Visibility and readiness of hierarchy and related F-C-R sets.

Mitigation of Risks with these types of projects

  • Use of tools to ensure that data migrates between systems consistently and reduces need for continual database review
  • Involvement of all stakeholders through facilitation ensures widespread buy in.
  • Ensures no asset is left out as part of the process. Typically a migration project captures only 60% of a corporations assets.
  • Identification of areas that expose the business.

What drops out as part of the process

  • Setup of Causes from F-C-R sets represents a useful fault finding guide.
  • Load sheets for data migration
  • Asset management plans for asset types
  • Structure to enable the end user to continue to optimise maintenance strategies.

ARMS Reliability has been improving the asset and operational performance of organisations for the past 16 years. Find out more about Maximo here.

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