Landmark product release puts users of Isograph’s Availability Workbench™ just one click away from saving even more time, energy and cost in their asset management and maintenance programs.

Global Reliability and Asset Management consulting firm, ARMS Reliability has released the Reliability Integration Tool – a powerful new software tool with global application in the resource, utilities, power and transport industries.

The Reliability Integration Tool™ equips reliability engineers and asset managers with the power to seamlessly upload and download data between Isograph’s Availability Workbench and their CMMS system.


Faster and easier than ever before, they can:

  • import legacy data into Isograph’s Availability Workbench™ models
  • create compliant task instruction documents to company templates from optimized strategies
  • create load documents specific to CMMS including SAP, Maximo, Ellipse and Oracle.

ARMS Reliability Technical Director, Jason Apps led the development of the new tool.

“Time-consuming, repetitive tasks were preventing our clients from implementing many of the outcomes of maintenance studies. We designed this tool to reduce months of effort into hours,” Apps explained. “It builds a bridge between a company’s approved maintenance strategy and producing the maintenance plans with necessary task instruction documents … all with a couple of mouse-clicks.”

According to ARMS Reliability CEO Michael Drew, “A big user advantage of this tool is the ability to create task instruction documents in a consistent format in a fraction of the time taken with traditional methods. It improves the accuracy of finished documents, and is a real benefit in capturing a local work team’s knowledge and leveraging it across the enterprise.”

The Reliability Integration Tool™ is customised to each company’s specific requirements to optimise how they implement reliability studies.

For further information, view our RIT page or Contact Us.

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