ARMS Reliability’s CEO, Mick Drew, recently attended the COO Leaders Resources Summit held on the Gold Coast. The summit included a number of the resource sectors most influential executive management and operators, and was two days of corporate and management level discussions concerning some of the most important issues currently facing the Australian resources sector.

Mick Drew said, “It was great opportunity to engage in frank discussions with some of the industry’s leaders. They told us more about their unique challenges, and what issues are impacting their companies.” Mick continued, “They wanted to understand more how we can use our expertise and experience to make a positive change to their maintenance practices, asset management and bottom line.”

From the various panel discussions, workshops, and one-on-one meetings, it was clear there is high demand for experts in Reliability & Maintenance who are able to offer guidance and clarity around the key challenges and issues facing the mining industry.

Some of these challenges and issues include;

  • Using technology to increase throughputs
  • Implementing well-structured compliance processes and policies in a changing regulatory environment
  • Monitoring existing projects and creating opportunities for new projects
  • Increasing profitability and accelerating business expansion.

ARMS Reliability is excited to be attending and presenting at the next COO Leaders Summit to be held in Perth this October. For more information, or to see how you can be involved in the next event, visit the COO Leaders Website.

Here’s some photos from the event:

Women in Engineering Panel Discussion




COO Leaders SummitTechnological development_panel discussion

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