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Reduce costs and boost output by getting more out of your assets.

sweating_the_assetsAcross many industries, business conditions have become even tougher. Companies need new and smarter ways to boost margins if they want to remain successful into the future.

Economically, the short-term outlook for many industries is grim. Rising costs and falling commodity prices are putting pressure on the bottom line. Globally, demand in China is falling and businesses must become more competitive to survive. In this tough environment, companies need new ways to increase their margins.

This paper explores a range of methodologies for making assets run more productively, and to increase their value or reduce their costs in a substantial way that delivers long-term results for business. Read More →

CEO, ARMS Reliability

If your asset management strategy is driven by a dynamic RCM simulation model, it means your forward labour predictions can take into account the likely corrective maintenance (unplanned), as well of course the proactive strategies being followed.

It is often the unplanned element that breaks budgets and upsets planned maintenance, so forward failure forecasts through updated models using the latest equipment history, will help initiate investigations into root cause and/or optimisation studies. It is these activities that help continue to drive down the corrective maintenance in a deliberate manner. For those reasons the earlier you start making decisions according to dynamic models rather than static experience or subjective based decisions, the sooner you can start making improvements. However, it is never too late to start. The start point just determines how much history (read failures) you have to build your models. Read More →