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By Antonie Jacobs, Senior Reliability Engineer, ARMS Reliability

A Practical guide to getting a “ready for implementation” Maintenance Strategy in Capital Equipment Projects.

Same old story • • •

Maintenance strategyThis is my third plant expansion in 10 years. Next week we start with staged commissioning, but there is so much still to do. My Maintenance Planner and Team Leaders are breaking down my door, asking for resources to develop their maintenance strategies and populating our CMMS. We have not even yet finished the previous expansions’ plans! The design company is demobilizing, and the engineers will be occupied for months with process optimisation. And I don’t have approval for my Reliability team yet! It will take years to get the strategies done now that we’ve reached the end of our capital resources!” Read More →

By Jack Jager and Michael Drew

RealityCharting® software is powerful root cause analysis software used to assist facilitators and compliment the Apollo Root Cause AnalysisTM methodology. RealityCharting® is user-friendly and helps people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence. It is a tool to help you record and communicate your understanding of the problem. It is also effective in its ability to display your understanding of the problem to others.

Most people respond well to visual stimuli and your ability to present the information in this way is a great opportunity to get buy-in into your problem. It allows people to “see” the understanding of the problem. Read More →

By Les Gibson – Senior Reliability Engineer

Maintenance should not be seen as a necessary evil but rather as an investment in reliability with a clear payback to the business.

If you’ve heard the phrase “the hidden cost of failures” then you’re probably aware that it can be a real challenge to get agreement across the organisation as to what the hidden cost actually equates to. Read More →

The beginning of a new tradition began for ARMS Reliability on the Gold Coast this week with the coming together of our engineering team from throughout the world

This event ticked all the boxes:

  • Technical excellence
  • Active participation
  • Great fun
  • Impressive group Read More →

Jason Apps - Mainstream Perth

The ARMS Leadership team will be presenting around the world at conferences in the coming weeks. Following packed presentations earlier this year at the RCA & RCM Conference in the USA by Mick Drew and more recently by Jason Apps at Mainstream in Australia, the upcoming presentations are varied but all designed to give you valuable insight into how you can improve your asset management program

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ARMS Reliability has recently employed new engineers for the Australian Operation and to better serve the needs of the Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian Markets.

Pictured above following their induction week at ARMS HQ are
Les Gibson (NSW), Tim Mortensen (QLD), Nieresh Jeyarajakumar (VIC), Alun Brindle (WA), Chris Young (VIC), Helen Holdsworth (WA) and Adam Rounsley (WA)

Welcome Gary Tyne – European Manager & Trainer

Gary TyneWe have great pleasure in announcing a return of Gary Tyne into the ARMS Reliability Business. Gary will be operating from the UK and will be offering the services of ARMS Reliability into the UK/European region.

Gary spent five years with ARMS from 2004 – 2009 as a Senior Reliability Engineer prior to returning to the UK with his family.

On his return to the UK, Gary spent two years with Syngenta where he implemented the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and he also utilised the Isograph AWB software approach to Reliability improvement. Within the last year Gary returned to consulting with Rockwell Automation and assisted in the development of the Rockwell Automation Strategic Maintenance Program.

Gary has a wealth of knowledge and is very passionate about problem solving and reliability improvement. He is a trainer and facilitator of Apollo RCA and also an experienced user of the Isograph AWB software package.

We recently launched a new website to service the Apollo Root Cause Analysis market. Offering Online bookings for public courses as well as information about our RCA Services and RealityCharting Software, is the starting point to discovering how this effective problem solving methodology can improve your business efficiency.