Jack Jager…Apollo facilitator and trainer.

How many times have you read an incident report and have been left wondering what was being investigated, why particular corrective actions were chosen or even what the causal relationships were all about? We rely on the use of language to impart understanding to whoever reads the report and yet it is precisely this reliance that lets us down.

You are often required to interpret the information, using your own knowledge to fill in the gaps.
If you didn’t have any of the information or knowledge necessary to be able to understand the incident, then you would have had little clarification by reading the report.
This often occurs when vague or nebulous descriptors are used to explain causal relationships. It would be an indication that the actual causes or causal relationships have not been clearly understood, or that whoever has formulated the report has simply been unable to articulate the relationship to others, and yet this is the essential aspect of the report. Read More →

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