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Dean Gano’s emphasis on finding effective solutions to problems has directly challenged the commonly accepted notion that finding the “Root Cause” is the objective of any problem analysis. It is now appreciated that the identification of a root cause is a means to an end, rather than an end itself.  In fact, the “rootedness” of a cause is a function of an implementable solution being attached to it.

Another valuable characteristic of this method is its efficiency. Having facilitated a substantial number of problem analyses over the past three years, I am struck by the ease with which a team can be made to focus on a problem and avoid unnecessary and wasteful commentary or “stories” as Gano describes them.

The essential problem data, and impacts or consequences, are all acknowledged and documented as a first step in the process. The team members, being the stakeholders or their representatives, agree on the basic premise – the raison d’être –  for the team’s composition and existence is to prevent recurrence of the problem. This process rarely takes more than 30 minutes. Read More →

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We will be conducting two FREE webinars in the coming weeks focussing on Availability Workbench and the Reliability performance Plug-Ins

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