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ARMS Reliability is pleased to announce the ARMS Reliability Calculator. This simple yet effective tool is designed to quickly and easily convert

  • Conversion of weeks, months and years to hours
  • Conversion of hours to weeks months and years
  • Calculation of Failure Rate
  • Calculation of Availability and fractional downtime
  • A common hours conversion table

The Calculator runs on Windows only from XPSP3 and up and can be downloaded by visiting

The Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) process has been documented widely since its birth in the aviation industry. There are numerous case studies that have identified the great benefits of RCM; improving equipment performance and reliability while lowering maintenance costs and minimising production downtime.

Significant challenges needed to be overcome, to achieve an effective RCM process, are as follows;

  • Personnel are reluctant to take part due the significant time impact of the process.
  • A complex RCM may take weeks to complete;
    • the FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis),
    • define mitigating actions,
    • develop the preventative maintenance plans and,
    • schedule the maintenance in the CMMS.

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Spending time on the problem definition means the RealityChart is concise and the time to develop it is less of a drain. Take this instance:

A forward thinking maintenance manager dedicated two hours, every two weeks, to run RCA workshops. The whole engineering team, him included, were “encouraged” to participate. The goal?  To understand and resolve the small, niggling, day to day issues.

It was a “show and tell” affair, where the technicians would bring failed items, and the group would try to implement solutions. They set about it with little structure and a “problem-solution” mentality. I suggested introducing some structure and so we ran the Apollo Root Cause process, building the chart on the workshop wall, get to a point of ignorance and then use the following fortnight to gather the evidence, to revisit it next time. Read More →

Jason Ballentine and Darren Gloster recently conducted a webinar on the features of the latest release of Availability Workbench. This video is now available for viewing online below. To find out more about Availability Workbench, please follow this link