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By Amir Datoo, Senior Reliability Engineer

The power industry is investing heavily in new technologies to harvest power from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro. Yet with these new technologies come massive maintenance costs – if strategies are not put in place from the outset.

As we march further into the 21st century, the power sector is undergoing a massive shift. With climate change high on the global agenda, the industry as a whole is committed to finding alternatives to conventional fossil fuel power generation. Low-carbon power sources like wind, solar and hydro are being pursued by even the most traditional power companies. Read More →

By Joel Smeby, Senior Reliability Engineer, and Michael Drew, Managing Director, ARMS Reliability.

It’s a common phrase and one that is thrown around often.  But what does it really mean to have an optimised strategy?  If someone asks if your strategies have been optimised, can you answer with a resounding ‘Yes!’ and explain exactly what that means?

An optimised maintenance strategy means that your equipment is being maintained and operated at the lowest possible cost with respect to labour, spare parts, equipment, and failure effects.   Failure effects may consider cost of downtime, safety and environmental considerations, or operational impact.  In these cases it means that your facility is being maintained and operated in a way that is within your corporate risk thresholds, meets operational goals and has the lowest overall costs. Read More →